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Roman Reigns could be UFC Heavyweight champion, says Paul Heyman

LockerRoom Team
11 August 2022

Paul Heyman believes that WWE superstar Roman Reigns could be the UFC Heavyweight champion. Heyman noted the same during a recent interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Interestingly, Heyman noted that Reigns could win the UFC Heavyweight title in a heartbeat.

“He has the agility and aptitude of a Division I athlete, and don’t ever lose sight that Roman Reigns could be the UFC heavyweight champion in a heartbeat. The aura of him being presented as The Tribal Chief at times betrays what an extremely — all pun intended — tough man and athlete who stands before you as your tribal chief,” Heyman noted.

Reigns have established himself as one of the biggest stars in WWE over the past few years. The cousin of former WWE star and Hollywood sensation Dwyane ‘The Rock' Johnson, Reigns had a stint in American Football before stepping into the world of professional wrestling.

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He is now a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WWE Universal Champion, one-time WWE intercontinental champion, and one-time United States Champion and has seven Slammy Awards to his name.

He was also chosen as the Wrestler of the Year in 2021 by Sports Illustrated.

As for Paul Heyman, he played a major role in the rise of Brock Lesnar in the WWE before he captured the UFC Heavyweight title. Interestingly, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have crossed paths multiple times in the WWE squared circle as well.

While Roman Reigns crossing over to MMA would be a long shot, he would not be the first one to try it out. Earlier, Phil Brooks also known as CM Punk transitioned into MMA from professional wrestling and competed two times in the UFC.

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Though Punk could not secure a win in the promotion, he did inspire many with his effort to become an MMA fighter.

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