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Road to UFC Season 2: Here are the tournament winners

LockerRoom Team
18 February 2024

Bringing the thrilling tournament to a climactic end, the finals of ROAD TO UFC Season 2 captivated audiences live in Asia on Sunday, February 4th, emanating from the prestigious UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Amongst a showcase of talent, three standout winners emerged, each delivering exceptional performances marked by decisive finishes. Notably, Japan's Rei Tsuruya, along with China's Yizha and Rongzhu, secured their spots in the esteemed UFC roster.

Rei Tsuruya Secures UFC Contract with Dominant Display:

In an electrifying opening bout, 21-year-old Rei Tsuruya from Japan faced off against China's dedicated finisher, Jiniushiyue. Tsuruya wasted no time asserting dominance, swiftly engaging in a clinch and overwhelming his opponent on the ground. Despite Ji's resilience, Tsuruya's relentless assault led to a TKO victory mere moments before the first-round bell. With this triumph, Tsuruya remains undefeated and becomes the inaugural athlete from Season 2 to clinch a UFC contract.

Yizha's Tactical Mastery Earns UFC Contract:

The showdown between China's iconic striker Kaiwen and the tactically astute Yizha showcased a clash of styles. Despite their prior training camaraderie, both fighters embraced the competitive spirit. Yizha demonstrated her prowess by swiftly securing an armbar submission in the opening round, declaring her readiness for the UFC stage. Reflecting on her victory, Yizha emphasized her belief in her abilities and extended respect to her opponent, Kaiwen, emphasizing the professional nature of their sport amidst their friendship.

Rongzhu's Resurgence Leads to UFC Return:

In a highly anticipated finale, China's former UFC athlete Rongzhu faced off against Japan's Shin Haraguchi. Rongzhu's relentless striking tested Haraguchi's resilience throughout the fight. Despite Haraguchi's durability, Rongzhu's strategic acumen prevailed as he secured a submission victory in the final round. With this triumphant return, Rongzhu expressed gratitude to his team and conveyed his determination to reclaim his position in the UFC.

Road to UFC Season 2 Final Results

  • Rongzhu defeats Shin Haraguchi by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:06
  • Yizha defeats Kaiwen by submission (armbar) at 3:03 of Round 1
  • Rei Tsuruya defeats Jiniushiyue by TKO (strikes) at 4:59 of Round 1

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