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VIDEO: Can we have this moment in UFC? Fans react to stink face from Rhea Ripley

LockerRoom Team
26 March 2024

The WWE Universe has been abuzz with excitement following Rhea Ripley's recent performance of the infamous 'Stink Face' move on Nia Jax during a live event. The viral moment has dominated discussions online, with fans now calling for the move to make its way into the UFC arena.

"Why can't we see this move in the UFC?" one fan questioned on social media, reflecting the widespread interest in witnessing the unconventional maneuver in the world of mixed martial arts.

In addition to fan speculation about the move's potential crossover into the UFC, former MMA star turned WWE superstar Shayna Baszler added a humorous twist to the conversation. Baszler humorously requested a 'Stink Face' from Ripley during a recent WWE event, prompting laughter from the audience.

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The quirky exchange between Baszler and Ripley not only entertained fans but also served as a playful nod to the ongoing trend surrounding the 'Stink Face' online. As the wrestling world continues to embrace memorable moments and unique maneuvers, the possibility of seeing Ripley's signature move in new arenas like the UFC adds an extra layer of excitement for fans everywhere.


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