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Rehaan Lulla urges Indian MMA fans to tune into Bidang Fighting Championship 4

LockerRoom Team
13 December 2023

In a thrilling main event showdown set for Bidang Fighting Championship 4 on December 17, 2023, Indian MMA sensation Rehaan Lulla is geared up to face off against the formidable Murad Kurbanov from Dagestan, Russia. The event, which will take place in Guwahati, is the brainchild of Indian MMA star Bhabajeet Choudhury and promises to be a spectacular display of skill and determination.

Preparation for Battle: Pushing the Limits

In an exclusive interview, Lulla shed light on his rigorous preparations for the upcoming bout. "I've pushed a lot within my anaerobic threshold, forced myself to escape and counter from compromising positions, and improved on my ground control abilities from specific positions," Lulla revealed. His commitment to refining his skills and pushing beyond his limits showcases the dedication and intensity he brings to the cage.

Honored to Represent India

When asked about the honor of representing India at the prestigious BFC 4 event, Lulla expressed his gratitude. "I feel it is a great honour being chosen by the promoter, Bhabajeet sir, to represent India against a tough Dagestani opponent at BFC," he said. Recognizing the reputation of Dagestani fighters as tough and well-rounded competitors, Lulla emphasized that he has taken his preparations very seriously for this high-stakes encounter.

A Message for MMA Fans

Lulla had a special message for MMA enthusiasts and fans: "Please tune in to BFC 4, and support local Indian athletes. We work very hard and sacrifice a lot for the chance of representing our country and our teams on a global stage." Highlighting the growth of MMA in India, he emphasized the presence of tough athletes and dedicated coaches who continuously strive to improve their skills. Lulla also acknowledged the efforts of GAMMA India, an organization committed to regulating and developing Amateur and Professional MMA in India.

As the anticipation builds for the main event, Rehaan Lulla's dedication, skills, and national pride will undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement to Bidang Fighting Championship 4. MMA fans are urged to witness the electrifying showdown between Lulla and Kurbanov as they go head-to-head in Guwahati on December 17, 2023.


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