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Rebecca J talks about her shocking relationship with Bellator Fighter Johnny Eblen

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Calendar Icon03 April 2024

In a surprising turn of events, the relationship between an MMA fighter and a prominent social media star has grabbed headlines, raising eyebrows over the extravagant spending during their dates. The social media star in question, Rebecca J, boasts a massive following of over 2 million on Instagram and recently found herself in the spotlight after being spotted out with the MMA fighter.

The MMA fighter in question is none other than Johnny Eblen, the reigning Middleweight Champion of Bellator, with an impeccable record of 15 wins and no losses. While Eblen's professional achievements have earned him accolades in the MMA world, his personal life has now become the subject of public scrutiny following revelations about his lavish spending habits.

Rebecca J shed light on their brief 'relationship' during an appearance on the No Jumper podcast on YouTube, where she candidly discussed their outings and the subsequent fallout. Describing Eblen as a "sweet guy" but acknowledging their incompatibility, she revealed that their different desires and lack of chemistry led to the end of their connection.

However, it was the staggering amount allegedly spent by Eblen during their first date that sparked shockwaves. According to Rebecca J, the MMA fighter splurged a whopping $85,000, leaving both the podcast host Adam22 and viewers incredulous at the extravagant gesture.

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The podcast host even questioned the source of Eblen's funds, expressing disbelief at the notion that such a substantial sum could have been spent on a single date. The revelation has ignited a debate on social media, with many questioning the ethics and motivations behind such extravagant spending in relationships.


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