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The Transformation of Ramazan Gitinov: Overcoming Adversity to Reach Greatness

LockerRoom Team
21 June 2023

Ramazan Gitinov concluded his illustrious amateur career in February, clinching his third world title and making a resolute declaration to transition into the professional realm. As he eagerly awaits his debut in the BRAVE CF on Monday, June 19, in Bahrain, Gitinov takes a moment to reflect on his journey to the summit of the amateur world and his remarkable 30-fight winning streak, which has etched his name in the annals of mixed martial arts history.

However, Gitinov's initial foray into the world of mixed martial arts was far from glorious. He endured a challenging start, with a record of 1-2 in his first three fights, including a devastating facial injury suffered during his loss to Fabien Xabidi in the 2017 IMMAF World Championships. The resulting facial fracture sidelined him for the entirety of 2018. Yet, this forced hiatus turned out to be a blessing in disguise for his career. Freed from the pressures of competition, Gitinov meticulously honed his skills, calmly adapting his already world-class wrestling game to MMA and sharpening his striking repertoire.

Upon his return to the competitive arena, Gitinov emerged as an entirely transformed fighter. He blossomed into a world-class mixed martial artist, leaving an indelible mark by triumphing in every IMMAF competition available to him. With three world titles, a gold medal in the MMA Super Cup for Bahrain, continental championships, an impressive streak of 30 consecutive victories, and seven gold medals, Gitinov indisputably earned the title of the greatest amateur fighter of all time.

Now, Gitinov sets his sights on replicating his impact in the professional ranks, recently disclosing his aspiration to become the BRAVE Combat Federation champion by the conclusion of 2024. Any lingering doubts about Gitinov's ability to achieve his ambitions have been extinguished by his extraordinary journey in amateur MMA, leaving no room for uncertainty.


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