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Aren’t you pregnant? Fans surprised by latest video from Rachael Ostovich

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Calendar Icon11 March 2024

Former UFC and Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter Rachael Ostovich has sparked concern among fans after sharing a video on her Instagram page where she is seen engaging in wrestling while visibly pregnant. The video, featuring Ostovich playfully wrestling with her sister, has left many questioning the safety of such activities during pregnancy.

Accompanying the video was a caption in which Ostovich described her sister's playful behavior and their impromptu wrestling match. She wrote, "She was physically messing with me all day and night and we finally got home and I was like ok girl let’s gooooo. Pencil skirt and a crop top. I’m down. She’s my big sis so she always tries to mind control me lol until we get two minutes into play fighting Lmaoo. Miss this girl! Have you seen her @lareni ?!"

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The video, which quickly garnered attention on social media platforms, has divided opinions among fans and followers. While some have praised Ostovich for maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy, others have expressed concern over the potential risks involved in engaging in physical activities such as wrestling while carrying a child.


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