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WATCH: Indian MMA Star and UFC Fighter Puja Tomar does hypoxic training

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon21 February 2024

In a recent video shared online, Puja Tomar, the first female Indian MMA fighter to sign with the UFC, can be seen undergoing hypoxic training, showcasing her dedication to pushing her physical limits and enhancing her performance in the ring.

But what exactly is hypoxic training?

Hypoxic training, also known as altitude training or low oxygen training, involves exercising, living, or breathing in oxygen-reduced air. The purpose of this training method is to improve athletic performance and overall physical wellness by challenging the body to adapt to reduced oxygen levels.

There are various methods of hypoxic training, and one popular approach is Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT). This method, pioneered by Hypoxico, involves short intermittent inhalations of hypoxic air interspersed with inhalations of ambient air. By subjecting the body to these alternating conditions, individuals can experience numerous health-related benefits and enhance their athletic performance.

Altitude training can be conducted using commercial systems or home systems. Commercial systems are designed for multiple users and cater to specific altitude training needs, while home systems provide the convenience of training at altitude from the comfort of one's own home.

Thanks to advancements in technology, altitude training is no longer limited to high-altitude locations. Hypoxico's patented technology, developed circa 1995, has made it possible for individuals worldwide to reap the benefits of altitude training without the need to be at high altitudes. Through the use of normobaric air, which simulates altitudes of up to 21,000 feet (6,400 meters), high-altitude training facilities can be established anywhere, allowing athletes like Puja Tomar to optimize their training regimen and achieve peak performance levels.


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