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Indian MMA Fighter Priya Sharma Triumphs in Brazil at SFT Combat 43

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Calendar Icon30 November 2023

In a display of skill and determination, Indian MMA fighter Priya Sharma emerged victorious in her latest bout at SFT Combat in Brazil which happened on 21 October 2023. The event, held with much anticipation, showcased Priya's prowess inside the cage as she faced off against Ireni 'Emy Guerreira' Oliveira.

Hailing from India, Priya Sharma had been diligently preparing for her showdown, undertaking training sessions alongside UFC star Amanda Ribas and her esteemed team in Brazil. The collaboration with Ribas, a proven talent in the UFC, undoubtedly contributed to Priya's preparation for the fight.

The strawweight match unfolded in Brazil, with Priya Sharma exhibiting her honed skills and strategic prowess against the formidable Oliveira. The intense battle culminated with the judges rendering their decision, declaring Priya Sharma the winner.

Building on the momentum from her previous win against Jojo Rajkumari in MFN, Priya showcased her ever-improving skill set, solidifying her status as a formidable force in the cage. With the win, she has not improved her professional MMA record to 5-1 with her two previous wins coming at Fairtex Fight Promotion. Priya, interestingly, used to train alongside names like Stamp Fairtex and Smilla Fairtex at Fairtex Fight Club in Thailand.

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Elsewhere, in the main event of the card, Fernanda Barboza secured a fifth-round KO victory over Geisyele Nascimento when in the co-main event. Viviane Pereira outclassed Erilene Rayla Nascimento via a unanimous decision.

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