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Indian MMA fighter Priya Sharma Opens up about her fight at SFT Combat

LockerRoom Team
20 October 2023

In an electrifying showdown set to take place at the SFT Combat event in Brazil, Indian MMA fighter Priya Sharma is gearing up to go toe-to-toe with the formidable Ireni 'Emy Guerreira' Oliveira on October 21, 2023. With a record of 7 wins and 1 loss, Oliveira, hailing from Brazil, poses a tough challenge for Sharma, who is making her presence felt in the world of MMA.

In an exclusive interview with LockerRoom India, Priya Sharma gave insights into her remarkable journey and her preparations for the highly anticipated bout. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Training in Brazil and Learning from Amanda Ribas
"I never expected that I would ever visit Brazil, but I am glad that I came here at the Ribas Family Gym, which wouldn't have been possible without Bev, the Diesel Diva because of her recommendation and help. I am training under Prof. Marcelo and Amanda Ribas. Training here is amazing, and the best part is there are so many female athletes, which gives me more motivation to train harder." - Priya Sharma

Preparations for the Fight
"I am fully ready for this fight, and the preparation is on point. We have made some game plan, and the rest will be seen during the fight." - Priya Sharma

Expectations for the Fight and Fighting in Brazil
"Fighting in Brazil is out of my comfort zone because I never thought that I would come here and fight, but still, I made it, and I am very proud of that. I am very excited about this fight. I trust my training and myself that I can do this and get the win for sure. I feel I have everything it takes to be a champion (patience, hard work, consistency, discipline), so this win is mine." - Priya Sharma

With a professional record of 4 wins and 1 loss, Priya Sharma has made significant strides in her MMA career, and she's not taking her upcoming fight lightly.

In addition to her training in Brazil with the likes of Amanda Ribas, Priya Sharma has also honed her skills at multiple gyms in India. One noteworthy experience was her training at the renowned Fairtex Gym, where she had the privilege of training alongside three-sport world champion, Stamp Fairtex. This diverse training background has undoubtedly contributed to Sharma's evolution as a fighter.

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Priya Sharma's last fight in MFN against Jojo Rajkumari saw her emerge victorious, giving her the momentum and confidence she needs as she prepares to face Ireni Oliveira. Her determination, coupled with her ever-improving skill set, makes her a formidable opponent in the cage.

Sharma's record and her continuous pursuit of excellence are testaments to her commitment to becoming a prominent figure in the world of MMA. As the world eagerly awaits the SFT Combat event on October 21, 2023, fans are bracing for an action-packed contest between two talented fighters.


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