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LockerRoom Scorecard for UFC 279 ft. International MMA official Prasad Gaitonde

LockerRoom Team
11 September 2022

UFC 279 went down this weekend and had a string of exciting fights. International MMA official Prasad Gaitonde was on board with LockerRoom for the LockerRoom Scorecard through which we had live scoring for UFC 279 main card on our Twitter platform.

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Prasad has a decade of experience when it comes to officiating MMA having worked in multiple World Championship tournaments. He has also officiated in BRAVE Combat Federation and Super Fight League. You can see the scorecard for UFC 279 Main card from Prasad Gaitonde below.

Johnny Walker vs. Ion Cuțelaba

  • Round 1 score: N/A
  • Round 1 Scoring Description: The Fight ended in a first-round submission win over Johnny Walker.

Irene Aldana vs. Macy Chiasson

  • Round 1 score: Irene 10, Macy 9
  • Round 1 Scoring Description: Mutual exchange in the first couple of minutes, though Irene had a lead with significant strikes especially with low kicks, in the last movement Macy’s takedown turned against her putting Irene on top, Irene later went on to put Macy in dangerous armbar position which almost looked like a tap out. Macy just survived the round. This round gave an easy lead to Irene
  • Round 2 score: Macy 10, Irene 9
  • Round 2 score Description: In Exchange of a few shots where Irene had the upper hand, Macy went for a takedown but Irene defended with a couple of elbows and leg lock. In 2nd half, Macy took the lead reversing the position to take full dominant control and landing a good elbow taking dominant and submission position. It was a great comeback to Macy. Almost near to 10-8 round but considering full round and action put on by Irene in 1st half of round would keep 10-9 Macy.
  • Round 3 Score: N/A
  • Round 3 Scoring Description: The Fight ended in a TKO in the third round.

Li Jingliang vs. Daniel Rodriguez

  • Round 1 score: Rodriguez 10, Li 9
  • Round 1 Scoring Description: Good opening by Rodriguez. Both had mutual exchange and respect for each other power keeping both fighters in established range. While Li had a significant leg strikes, Rodriguez had an advantage with effective face strikes. A couple of good landings by Rodriguez on Li’s chin.
  • Round 2 score: Li 10, Rodriguez 9
  • Round 2 score Description: Rodriguez takes an opening lead. Multiple exchanges continue in the round. There were a couple of instances where both fighters each had effective face punches but Li had a small extra advantage with strikes with damaging leg kicks and I felt the one particular counter punch by Li was more damaging giving him an advantage with those leg kicks. Being a close-round scoring another side wouldn’t be wrong also.
  • Round 3 score: Li 10, Rodriguez 9
  • Round 3 Scoring Description: Very close round there were a lot of exchanges throughout the round but comparatively none of the sides had any effective strikes. Could have gone either way but the way I saw it Li was more actively involved and initiated more attacks (effective aggression) with the exchange, though either fighter was almost at the same pace.
  • Final Score: 29-28 in favour of Li Jingliang
  • Official UFC Decision: Daniel Rodriguez def. Li Jingliang via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Kevin Holland vs. Khamzat Chimaev

  • Round 1 score:
  • Round 1 Scoring Description: The Fight ended in the first round with Khamzat Chimaev submitting Kevin Holland.

Tony Ferguson vs. Nate Diaz

  • Round 1 score: Nate 10, Tony 09
  • Round 1 scoring Description: Tony starts firing with leg kicks, Tony’s shin starts to bleed from checking the kick from Nate. Tony continues with his experiment with leg kicks and rushes in more frequently but Nate times it very well and overall landed at least 2 effective punches and combo taking a lead.
  • Round 2 score: Nate 10, Tony 09
  • Round 2 score Description: Nate Opens a round with a fine leg kick, going forward in the round with some good strikes, Tony counters back immediately. Tony suffers a cut on the eyebrow in an exchange. Tony continues to throw leg kicks. The key take of the round is when Diaz landed big punch and almost 2 superior kicks giving Nate the lead
  • Round 3 score: Tony 10, Nate 09
  • Round 3 scoring Description: Good start by Nate but Tony takes over the show punishing Nate with back-to-back leg kicks which made Nate retreat for a movement. Nate comes back with a good combination and face punches, and body kicks, tony continues his game plan. This was a very tricky round. Both fighters had damaged each other to a similar extent, one side tony with his brutal leg kicks which made Nate avoid the fight, other side Nate chased tony with his shots which also showed tony took damage from Nate.
  • From my view, leg kicks caused more damage which could have stopped the round. Face Punches might have an upper hand compared to leg kicks. Nevertheless, these brutal leg kicks can’t be underestimated. It doesn’t seem wrong if Nate took the round.
  • Round 4 score: N/A
  • Round 4 score Description: Nate Diaz submitted Tony Ferguson in the fourth round.

What do you think of the scoring? Let us know in the comments below. Photo via MMA Junkie.


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