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VIDEO: Weirdest DM that I got: UFC star Polyana Viana reveals her secrets

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Calendar Icon05 March 2024

Polyana Viana, the renowned UFC star, has once again found herself in the spotlight, this time due to a peculiar encounter on social media. Following her recent videos with fellow athlete Alex Pereira, Viana's old video with social media influencer Nina Marie has resurfaced, drawing attention to a rather unusual topic – the weirdest direct message (DM) Viana has received.

In the now-viral video, Viana candidly discusses the bizarre request she received from an unidentified individual via DM. According to Viana, the message in question involved a peculiar and somewhat uncomfortable plea – a request for Viana to kick the sender in a sensitive area.

The revelation has sparked a mixture of reactions online, with many expressing surprise and amusement at the audacity of the request. Viana's openness about the strange DM has garnered widespread attention, igniting discussions about the peculiar interactions that public figures encounter on social media platforms.

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You can watch the video below


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