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Professional Fighters League Expands Global Reach with Launch of PFL MENA

LockerRoom Team
26 February 2024

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has set its sights on further global expansion with the unveiling of PFL MENA, the promotion's second international league, scheduled to kick off in April 2024.

PFL MENA marks a significant milestone in the PFL's expansion strategy, introducing a dynamic four-event sport-season format that will showcase the top fighters from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This groundbreaking initiative, developed in collaboration with SRJ Sports Investments ("SRJ"), aims to accelerate the presence of the PFL in the MENA region, leveraging SRJ's support to nurture regional talent and foster growth within the MMA community.

Commenting on the launch, CEO of SRJ Sports Investment, Danny Townsend, emphasized the significance of PFL MENA in advancing the sport of MMA on an international scale. "The launch of the PFL MENA League is another incredible milestone for the sport of MMA, and one we are delighted to play a role in," stated Townsend. "With the launch of a new PFL MENA League, we're backing the development of the region's exceptional talent, helping provide new pathways to the top."

Peter Murray, CEO of PFL, echoed Townsend's sentiments, expressing enthusiasm for the strategic partnership with SRJ and the opportunities presented by the MENA market. "Driven by the strategic importance of mixed martial arts in burgeoning markets, SRJ's investment underscores the immense potential of the sport in the region," Murray affirmed. "PFL MENA expands the PFL brand and MMA footprint in the Middle East, bringing events to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider region."

Jerome Mazet, General Manager of PFL MENA, emphasized the platform's commitment to showcasing regional talent and elevating the profile of MMA in the MENA region. "Through PFL MENA, we hope to be able to not only find and develop the next Middle Eastern MMA star, but we also want to be able to put the spotlight on MMA in the region and give it the attention and the exposure that it deserves," Mazet asserted.

In anticipation of the inaugural season, the PFL recently organized a landmark MMA event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, titled PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions, featuring world-class fighters from both promotions. Selected fighters from the Middle East, including Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Ahmed Amir, and Jarrah Al-Silawi, showcased their skills on the international stage, setting the stage for the launch of PFL MENA.

The inaugural PFL MENA season is set to feature 32 fighters competing across four weight classes in a sports-season format, culminating in playoffs and a championship. Additionally, the league will host showcase fights to develop local and regional talents, including Hattan Alsaif, the first female fighter from Saudi Arabia to sign with a major global MMA promotion.

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PFL MENA represents a pivotal step in the PFL's mission to become the preeminent platform for MMA competition, solidifying its reputation as the "Champions League of MMA" on a global scale.


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