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Fan offers $50,000 to Paige VanZant for a creepy request

LockerRoom Team
04 February 2024

Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant delved into the peculiar requests she receives from one of her subscribers during a recent episode of her podcast. While sharing her experiences, she recounted a unique proposition that offered a substantial $50,000 for a haircut, but with an unusual condition attached.

VanZant detailed the request on her podcast, "A Kick Ass Love Story," where she explained that a fan expressed interest in paying $50,000 for her to cut her hair into an undercut, a style involving shaving the back of the head with the option to incorporate designs. However, the catch was that she had to mail the fan all of her cut hair.

During the discussion with her husband and podcast co-host, Austin Vanderford, VanZant contemplated the offer, acknowledging the financial allure while acknowledging the peculiar nature of the request. Vanderford chimed in, stating, "Yeah, that's where it got weird for me. The first one is a no-brainer. Someone offers you $50,000 to cut your hair, you cut your f****** hair."

VanZant, who has previously discussed the substantial financial success she achieved on subscriber platforms compared to her UFC earnings, acknowledged the tempting nature of such offers. Despite considering the proposition, she revealed that she is still undecided.

Surprisingly, the deciding factor in her decision-making process is not directly related to the monetary offer but instead stems from the true crime story of Gypsy-Rose Blanchard. Interestingly, Gypsy-Rose recently made an appearance alongside AEW star Ricky Starks.

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The podcast episode sheds light on the unique experiences and decisions that personalities like Paige VanZant navigate in the realm of subscription-based content platforms, offering fans a glimpse into the unconventional nature of such interactions.


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