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Has the body of Spongebob: fans react to latest video from Paige VanZant

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon16 March 2024

Fans of MMA fighter Paige VanZant were left astonished as she shared her latest video on social media, showcasing her remarkably toned physique.

VanZant, known for her athletic prowess in the Octagon and her appearances on reality television, often shares glimpses of her rigorous training regimen and fitness journey with her followers. However, this particular video drew special attention due to the striking resemblance between VanZant's physique and the iconic cartoon character as per a fan.

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Fans flooded the comments section with humorous remarks and expressions of amazement, highlighting the uncanny similarity between VanZant's body and SpongeBob's distinct shape. While some praised her dedication to fitness, others couldn't help but marvel at the unexpected comparison.


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