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Short on the mortgage? – How fans reacted to new video from Paige Van Zant

LockerRoom Team
18 March 2024

Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant recently stirred up social media with a promotional video that left fans divided. In the video, VanZant is seen shadowboxing on a boat while promoting a subscription offer on her website, with a generous discount of 65% off until her upcoming birthday on March 26th.

While some fans expressed enthusiasm for the offer and admired VanZant's dedication to fitness, others seized the opportunity to voice their opinions on unrelated matters. One commenter expressed a desire for VanZant to discontinue her podcast, while another suggested the creation of a "Bikini Fighting Championship."

Despite the diverse range of comments, one sentiment remained consistent – admiration for VanZant's physical appearance. Several fans expressed their admiration for VanZant's beauty, with one commenter remarking, "God I could look at you all day long."

However, amidst the praise and critiques, there were those who questioned the necessity of defending VanZant against negative comments, reminding others that VanZant is unlikely to reciprocate the support by following them back.

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VanZant's ability to evoke such varied responses highlights her continued presence in the public eye, even after transitioning from professional fighting to other ventures. As fans await her next move, whether in the world of combat sports or elsewhere, one thing is certain – Paige VanZant's influence extends far beyond the confines of the octagon.


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