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VIDEO: Sean Shelby’s reaction to Split Draw in Noche UFC main event goes viral

LockerRoom Team
17 September 2023

The climactic showdown at Noche UFC left fans on the edge of their seats as Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko engaged in a fierce battle that spanned five rounds. The main event lived up to its billing, delivering moments of sheer excitement, but the decision that followed has sparked mixed responses from the MMA community.

The reaction of Sean Shelby in particular is going viral on X as he was visibly surprised when Bruce Buffer told him about the split draw. You can see the video at the end of the article.

Throughout the contest, both fighters showcased their incredible skills, running neck and neck at times and trading thrilling exchanges that kept spectators thoroughly entertained. Round 1 saw an evenly matched display, with Shevchenko landing early shots before Grasso switched to a southpaw stance, utilizing her jab effectively. However, the second round witnessed a pivotal moment when the champion dropped the challenger with a powerful right hand, causing her to stumble backward. Yet, the former titleholder responded with vigor, securing victory in the third round. Grasso demonstrated her prowess with a mounted guillotine and executed effective ground work.

The championship rounds maintained a palpable sense of tension and precision. In the fourth round, Grasso unleashed a series of short knee strikes to Shevchenko's head, followed by a daring attempt to secure her opponent's back. Unfortunately, she lost her position, and the "Bullet" capitalized by landing a crucial elbow strike that left Grasso with a noticeable cut on her face. The fifth and final round commenced with the former champion in control, methodically picking at Grasso. However, a mistake allowed the Mexican titleholder to seize her opponent's back and dominate the remainder of the round with strikes and choke attempts.

As the final horn sounded, the arena erupted with anticipation, the outcome hanging in the balance. When the judges' scores were announced, a split draw decision emerged. One judge scored the fight 48-47 in favor of each fighter, while the third official declared the match even.

The decision has garnered mixed responses from MMA fans, with many expressing surprise and debate over the outcome. Despite the controversy, Alexa Grasso retains her title in a classic encounter. The question now looms regarding what lies ahead for these two remarkable talents in the world of mixed martial arts. While it may not have been the decisive result that everyone anticipated, this battle will undoubtedly be remembered as an outstanding fight in the history of the UFC.


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