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Nate Diaz is Free, I am free: Eddie Alvarez talks about free agency

LockerRoom Team
03 October 2022

Eddie Alvarez parted ways with ONE Championship recently and is now testing the waters in free agency. The former UFC Lightweight champion did not have the best of runs in ONE Championship and now has plenty of options in front of him that he could explore.

Talking about Free Agency during his appearance on The MMA Hour recently, Alvarez noted that fighters should try to add value to the promotion that they are planning to join.

“Now, the key is to add value. Let’s say the contract is six fights, you have to add as much value to yourself and to that promotion during those six fights as possible. That way, you’re more valuable outside of the contract, but you have to leave the contract. You can’t allow a company to come in a fight or two before your contract [ends], to re-sign you for another six and eight [fights]. You can’t do that, because you’re killing yourself,” he noted.

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Speaking further Alvarez pitched in the prospect of a showdown with Nate Diaz and added that he had tried something similar with Michael Chandler when Chandler’s contract with Bellator had expired.

“Nate is free, and I’m free, and this hardly ever happens. That happened with me and Michael Chandler at a certain time, and I called [him] on the phone and said, ‘Hey man, don’t go signing with anyone, let’s go walk into an office together.’ I think it’s more beneficial to walk in as a matchup to a promoter together, and that we can make a lot more money that way,” Alvarez said.

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Chandler, however, resigned with Bellator which for Alvarez was discouraging.

“He said it’s a great idea to me, and I left the conversation hopeful — then I didn’t hear from him, and I heard he re-signed with Bellator. I was discouraging. I guess you have to hope that your rival becomes your teammate at least for five minutes, but that didn’t work,” he said.

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