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Nate Diaz defends Conor McGregor after comments from Jake Paul

LockerRoom Team
21 July 2023

In an unexpected twist, Nate Diaz has surprisingly taken a stand in Conor McGregor's corner, despite their bitter rivalry in the past.

The legendary UFC duo has a history of trading insults and blows during their two-fight series. Their first encounter in 2016, on short notice in the welterweight division at UFC 196, resulted in a monumental upset when Diaz submitted McGregor in under two rounds. They met again at UFC 202 after months of trash talk, and McGregor secured a majority decision victory after a gruelling five-round battle at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Despite the underlying respect shown through a hug at the end of their second fight, they haven't stopped badmouthing each other and teasing a potential trilogy bout. However, Diaz recently chose to leave the UFC, seemingly putting an end to talks of a third fight with McGregor, as he pursues big-money opportunities in the boxing world.

In an upcoming ring debut, Diaz will face YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, who has previously tried to provoke McGregor into fighting him. Paul has made inappropriate comments about Dee Devlin, the mother of McGregor's children, referring to her as a "four out of ten" in a viral video.

While McGregor has chosen not to engage with Paul and focus on his MMA comeback, Diaz is more than willing to step up and defend his former rival against the "disrespectful" comments from the controversial internet personality. Despite their past animosity, Diaz's show of support demonstrates that, in the world of combat sports, even fierce competitors can stand together against disrespectful behaviour.

"This guy is talking s*** to the whole roster and ain’t no one saying s***, and he’s louder than the roster. And then he was talking s*** to Conor. He was talking s*** to Conor and dissing his wife and s***. Some real disrespectful stuff that he shouldn’t have been saying and nobody’s saying s***. I’m the one who said, ‘Shut the f*** up, b****. I’ll whip your a** for real. Have some respect,” Nate Diaz noted.

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