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Nasty cut forces referee to stop Macy Chiasson vs Mayra Bueno Silva fight at UFC 303

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Calendar Icon30 June 2024

In a dramatic turn of events at UFC 303, Macy Chiasson emerged victorious against Mayra Bueno Silva via TKO due to a doctor stoppage in the first round at 1:58.

The bout began with both fighters showing their intent, engaging in a fierce exchange from the outset. Chiasson landed a solid left hand early, while Bueno Silva responded with aggressive advances and powerful strikes. Despite her smaller stature, Bueno Silva pushed the pace, landing notable elbows and body shots that tested Chiasson's resilience.

As the fight progressed into the second round, Chiasson managed a successful trip, putting Bueno Silva on the ground. Silva attempted a triangle choke, but Chiasson defended well, maintaining top position. Chiasson then landed a devastating elbow that caused a severe cut above Silva's right eye, prompting immediate medical attention. The commentary team was unanimous in their assessment of the injury, describing it as one of the worst cuts seen in the UFC, with Silva's skull almost visible through the gash.

Despite Silva's protests and her attempt to convince UFC President Dana White to continue the fight, the doctor deemed the injury too severe, and the fight was stopped. Silva was visibly upset, but the decision was clear: the fight could not continue.

Post-fight, Chiasson expressed mixed emotions. She praised Silva's performance and admitted she hoped the fight would continue. "I wanted the fight to keep going, but I understand the decision. Bueno Silva is a tough opponent," Chiasson remarked, though she didn't seem entirely satisfied with the victory. She then discussed the elbow that caused the cut before concluding her interview.


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