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Musa Raish wants rematch with Clinton Dcruz, says story not finished

LockerRoom Team
22 September 2023

Musa Raish has broken his silence regarding his bout against Clinton D'Cruz. The two fighters clashed at Matrix Fight Night 10, where Clinton secured a submission victory via D'Arce Choke in the first round. However, controversy has continued to swirl around the finish of the fight, prompting Musa Raish to issue a stern statement.

Raish minced no words as he expressed his frustration, saying exclusively to LockerRoom India

"The fight with Clinton is not finished. Clinton can't get away with that fake decision. I am coming for his head; I want that rematch. The story is not finished."

After their fight at MFN 10, a rematch was announced to settle the dispute once and for all. However, disappointment struck the MMA community when news broke that the highly anticipated rematch had been canceled.

Musa Raish's determination to set the record straight is evident as he relentlessly pursues the opportunity to face Clinton D'Cruz in the cage once again. With a professional MMA record of 3-3, Raish is eager to prove himself and ensure justice is served.

On the other hand, Clinton D'Cruz, boasting an unblemished record of 5-0, is set to face Govind Singh at Matrix Fight Night 13. While D'Cruz prepares for his upcoming battle, the specter of the unfinished business with Musa Raish looms large.

The demand for a rematch by Musa Raish has reignited the debate surrounding their previous encounter, with fans and MMA enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the resolution of this rivalry.

As the MMA world continues to buzz with excitement over the potential rematch, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on Musa Raish and Clinton D'Cruz. Whether destiny will bring these two fighters back into the cage to settle the score or if their paths will diverge, only time will tell. MMA fans can expect fireworks either way, as the saga between these two warriors unfolds at MFN


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