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There is a Wardrobe issue: Montana De La Rosa urges UFC to fix the issue

LockerRoom Team
27 February 2023

UFC Vegas 70 saw the return of Tatiana Suarez as she fought Montana De La Rosa.

Tatiana Suarez made her comeback at UFC Vegas 70 and continued where she left off after having been absent for nearly four years.

Suarez looked as powerful as ever after securing a devastating guillotine choke to finish Montana De La Rosa, who had been sidelined by injuries since 2019. As Suarez caught the choke and refused to let go until De La Rosa either tapped or fell asleep, the fight ended at 2:51 into the second round.

Suarez quickly turned to her wrestling, clinching De La Rosa and dragged her to the ground only a few seconds into the first round. Suarez then carefully began employing her ground and pound strategy as De La Rosa struggled to stand up.

Suarez remained in charge throughout, despite De La Rosa's efforts to frustrate her as the flyweights jostled for position.

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Suarez was still able to throw De La Rosa to the ground to demonstrate her supremacy in the grappling department, even while she was doing a fantastic job of staying away from the cage.

De La Rosa ultimately gained control of the situation once more, but Suarez this time noticed a gap for a front headlock that rapidly turned into a guillotine choke. Suarez immediately fell to her back, clasped her knees together, and waited for the moment when De La Rosa could no longer take it.

Despite her best efforts to escape, De La Rosa was eventually forced to submit as Suarez improved to 9-0 in her career with a flawless 6-0 UFC campaign. After the victory, Suarez announced her intention to compete again in the strawweight category, where she may have been one victory away from a title shot before suffering the injuries that kept her out of the ring for more than three years.

While the limelight was on the return of Tatiana Suarez, the Wardrobe malfunction of Montana had also caused a debate.

MMA Fans on Twitter pointed out that things got messy during the fight and Montana shared a similar concern on Instagram.

“This is definitely a wardrobe issue hopefully the @ufc and @venumwomen @venum will fix this,” Montana noted in the comment section of the a post from

Last week, Jessica Andrade had also claimed about the issue with the Venum gear.

What do you think of the comments from Montana? Let us know in the comment below.


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The wardrobe is the choice of the athlete. If you feel that the possibility of something popping out is real for you, then don't wear that type of garment. Don't use it as a lame excuse afterthefact. Plenty of females.witjin UFC choose to wear the shirt instead of the bra top. Sensible choice. Nothings popping anywhere (and if there is you got bigger issues to deal with)

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