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MMA Diplomacy: Deputy Ambassador and BRAVE CF President Share Vision

LockerRoom Team
07 September 2023

The much-anticipated debut of the BRAVE Combat Federation in France, set for September 7th, has ignited widespread interest and enthusiasm among fans, MMA federations, dignitaries, and special guests.

BRAVE CF 74, presented in partnership with leading French MMA organization Hexagone MMA, marks a historic moment as France becomes the 29th nation to host the esteemed global MMA brand. On this occasion, 22 international stars hailing from 12 different nations will converge on Nantes, located in the picturesque West of France, to vie for glory under the dazzling lights of BRAVE CF.

This week, BRAVE Combat Federation's President, Mohammed "The Hawk" Shahid, had the honor of meeting with the French Deputy Ambassador to Bahrain, Marie Laure Charrier.

Their discussions revolved around the monumental significance of this groundbreaking event, not only for the world of martial arts but also for the growth and development of MMA in French territory. Charrier extended her warm wishes for the success of both BRAVE CF and Hexagone fighters, and she expressed her excitement about the upcoming MMA spectacle, echoing the sentiments of fans worldwide.

The meeting between President Shahid and Mrs. Charrier took place at the French Embassy, where the two esteemed figures underscored the importance of BRAVE CF's presence in France. They emphasized how this event would contribute to the evolution of martial arts in the country.

BRAVE CF 74 is not only an occasion to provide a global platform for French and international MMA stars but also to bolster French-Bahraini collaboration in the realm of sports. This partnership gains added significance as France prepares to host the Paris 2024 Olympic Games next summer.

BRAVE CF's unwavering commitment to nurturing the local French MMA industry will be prominently showcased during the event. The Hexagone MMA 11 card promises an exhilarating lineup of six captivating bouts, illustrating the organization's dedication to empowering French MMA and projecting it onto the global stage.

As the world eagerly anticipates BRAVE CF 74, France's debut as a host nation represents a pivotal moment not only for MMA enthusiasts but also for the broader landscape of sports diplomacy and international collaboration. The event promises to be a grand celebration of martial arts, uniting athletes from diverse backgrounds and showcasing the shared spirit of competition and sportsmanship.


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