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Mike Tyson vs. Mark Hunt? Team Tyson reacts to the potential fight

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Calendar Icon02 February 2024

Boxing fans eager to witness a potential clash between Mike Tyson and Mark Hunt will likely have to wait longer, as recent reports suggest the bout isn't happening this year. Tyson, the legendary heavyweight, last entered the ring in 2020 for an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr., showcasing impressive skills after a 15-year hiatus. Despite speculation about a return, Tyson has been discerning in selecting his fights, and previous challenges from figures like Jake Paul did not seem to pique his interest.

The recent twist came when former UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt claimed discussions for a boxing match with Tyson were in progress. Hunt, known as 'The Super Samoan,' has himself achieved success in the boxing ring, securing a knockout victory over Sonny Bill Williams in 2022.

However, according to a DailyMail report, a source from Tyson's camp has refuted the claims, stating that there has been no communication between the two fighters regarding the proposed matchup. This development puts the potential Tyson vs. Hunt showdown in doubt, leaving fans uncertain about whether the two heavyweights will indeed share the ring in 2024.

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As the boxing world awaits further updates, it remains to be seen if Iron Mike will step back into the ring for another high-profile bout and if Mark Hunt will be his chosen adversary.


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