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Miesha Tate gives her surprise prediction for Holly Holm vs. Kayla Harrison

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Calendar Icon04 February 2024

Former UFC champion Miesha Tate has made a bold prediction, anticipating that Holly Holm will create an upset in Kayla Harrison's highly-anticipated UFC debut at UFC 300. Tate shared her insights on the matchup while speaking to MMA on Sirius XM, expressing her surprise at the decision to have the two fighters meet at Bantamweight.

Tate conveyed her astonishment, stating, "When I saw it was at 135, I was shocked. I know she's made 145 before; I think it was tough for her. I think 135 is going to really suck the life out of her. And it's not the best move."

Harrison, a former PFL champion, has previously competed at 155 lbs in the Professional Fighters League. Moving down to 135 lbs in the UFC represents a significant drop in weight classes. Tate believes this adjustment could pose challenges for Harrison, stating, "I think Kayla is really used to being such a big strong woman [and] she won't have that on her side [at UFC 300]. If you're asking me who I think is gonna win that fight looking at it right now, I would say Holly."

While Tate raises concerns about the weight cut potentially impacting Harrison's performance, UFC CEO Dana White holds a different perspective. White has publicly backed Harrison, claiming that the ex-PFL champion successfully underwent multiple test cuts to bantamweight, indicating her readiness for the upcoming UFC 300 debut.

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As the anticipation builds for this clash of titans, fans are eager to witness whether Holly Holm can indeed pull off the upset against the formidable Kayla Harrison in their bantamweight bout at UFC 300.


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