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She was having some s*x: Fans call out Michael Bisping for blunder at UFC 286

LockerRoom Team
18 March 2023

After his career as a successful UFC fighter, Michael Bisping has been having a good run as the UFC commentator. However, UFC 286 was not the best outing for Bisping. At least as per some fans.

The former UFC champion made a blunder on commentary at UFC 286 today when commentating the fight between Joanne Wood and Luana Carolina.

During the commentary, Bisping went on to say that ‘she was having some sex’ instead of ‘she was having some success’.

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Although Bisping immediately corrected the same. The fans decided to voice their take on Bisping’s commentary in the meantime. You can see the video and the comments from the fans below.

“Bisping is hammered.”

“Not a good night from Bisping so far”

“Still better then felder and hardy”

“I wish the count would just stick to podcasting.”

“First it was talking about disney world/disney land… NOW THIS…? @bisping you on one?”

“Bisping is definitely drunk. Been fumbling all broadcast”

“Bisping is acting crazy today”

“Take the mic away from him”

“I got to meet Bisping in Vegas and he was cool and all but damn this man shouldn’t be a commentator”

“Think he hit the pub too hard tbh”

“Some success pardon me”

What do you think of the blunder from Bisping? Let us know in the comments below.


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