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MFN 12: Mochamed Machaev is ready to make a statement at the event

LockerRoom Team
29 June 2023

Mochamed Machaev has been making waves in the world of MMA as one of the most promising featherweight prospects. With an impressive record of 13-1, Machaev's only loss occurred when he ventured into the bantamweight division. Now fully committed to the featherweight class, Machaev is determined to make his mark and achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a UFC champion.

Hailing from a background in K1 and Karate, Machaev's fighting style is a captivating blend of aggressive striking and explosive grappling. His exciting approach to the sport has gained him recognition as one of Europe's top prospects for quite some time. Gustavo Firmino, CEO of Thrive MMA Management and Machaev's manager, describes him as a "special talent" and emphasizes his ability to captivate fans with his thrilling performances in the cage.

"Machaev is definitely a special talent and has been considered among the best European prospects for a very long time. He's got a super exciting fighting style that any MMA fan would enjoy watching, combining a very aggressive striking from his K1 and Karate background, and very explosive and dynamic grappling skills. Machaev is 13-1, his loss happened in the only fight he competed as a bantamweight. Now he's focused on continuing his career in the featherweight division, he moved to Bali to train at Soma Fight Club and he's looking unstoppable," says Gustavo Firmino.

The challenge at MFN 12 in Delhi

In his most recent fight, Machaev showcased his skills by defeating a formidable opponent from Kazakhstan who held an impressive 13-3 record. This victory further solidified his position as a rising star in the featherweight division. Machaev's next challenge awaits him at the upcoming MFN 12 event, where he will face off against Khabibullo Azizov, an undefeated fighter from Tajikistan. Despite being aware of his opponent's skills, Machaev remains unfazed, acknowledging that Azizov's unbeaten record adds an extra layer of excitement to the matchup, ensuring an intense battle that fans won't want to miss.

"I don't have so many thoughts about my opponent. I know he can fight, I watched his fight, he's undefeated, so I believe this is going to be an exciting fight for the fans," Machaev comments on his upcoming bout against Azizov.

Though disappointed by the cancellation of his scheduled bout for the MFN featherweight title, Machaev holds no ill will towards his intended opponent, Sanjeet. Recognizing the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the injury that led to Sanjeet's withdrawal, Machaev looks forward to a future opportunity to step into the cage with him.

"I got disappointed that Sanjeet had to pull out from our fight. But I understand it, he got injured. So, yes, I definitely would like to fight him one day," Machaev expresses his desire for a future encounter with Sanjeet.

The Ultimate Goal of UFC

Reflecting on his aspirations, Machaev leaves no doubt about his ultimate goal—to join the ranks of the UFC and become the best fighter in the world, ultimately securing a UFC belt. This single-minded focus fuels his determination and motivates him to put in the hard work necessary to achieve greatness.

"Regarding my future goals... I don't have so many options. There's only one option, and that is to get in the UFC, become the best fighter in the world, and win a UFC Belt. That's the only goal that makes me do the work that I am doing now," Machaev shares his unwavering ambition.

As Machaev prepares for his upcoming bout in India under the MFN promotion, he expresses his excitement for the opportunity to fight in a new location. Grateful for the warm hospitality provided by MFN, Machaev commends the organization for treating fighters exceptionally well. Although his schedule during fight week limits his ability to experience India fully, Machaev finds solace in one aspect—the country's delectable cuisine.

Mochamed Machaev's journey in MMA has been marked by success and unwavering determination. With his explosive fighting style, impressive victories, and his eye set on the UFC, Machaev is undoubtedly a fighter to watch in the featherweight division. As he steps into the cage to face Khabibullo Azizov at MFN 12, fans can expect a thrilling showdown that will further solidify Machaev's position as a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts.


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