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Mercedes Mone slams Ronda Rousey over comments about WWE

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Calendar Icon30 June 2024

Mercedes Moné, AEW TBS Champion, has addressed the recent comments made by former WWE star Ronda Rousey regarding her experiences in WWE. Rousey, in her new autobiography "Our Fight," criticized WWE, including blasting Vince McMahon and calling out a “casting couch culture” within the organization. She also criticized the last-minute decision-making in WWE and mentioned Charlotte Flair defying orders from management.

In an interview with Maggie & Perloff, Moné offered a different perspective on her time in WWE, including her interactions with Rousey. "That’s her experience. Get the book if you want to read that. I had a great experience there. I even had a great experience wrestling Ronda. She said she had a great time and great matches out there."

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Moné acknowledged the differences between her and Rousey's views on women's wrestling. “It’s news to me because of what I brought to the table for WWE and women’s wrestling. What I fought for. Me and Ronda are completely different when it comes to our views for women’s wrestling. I am the standard, the blueprint, for a reason. I love and respect this game so much. I’m ready to fight and do everything I can for women’s wrestling."

Moné also recognized Rousey’s contributions to the sport. "I know Ronda coming in did help a lot because of how big of a name she was in UFC and really fighting for women in that culture. I would only hope she would come to WWE to improve it and not talk bad about it."

Moné's comments highlight the diverse experiences and perspectives of female wrestlers within WWE, adding depth to the ongoing conversation about the organization's culture and practices.


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