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Melsik Baghdasaryan: Everything you need to know about the UFC star

LockerRoom Team
13 July 2023

Born on January 28, 1992, Melsik Baghdasaryan has established himself as an exceptional mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and boxer. Competing as a featherweight in the UFC, he carries an impressive professional record of achievements in various combat sports.

Starting with Karate

Baghdasaryan's martial arts journey began at the tender age of six when he started training in karate. As he progressed, his passion for combat sports led him to explore kickboxing and muay thai. Throughout his professional career, Baghdasaryan has primarily honed his skills at the esteemed Glendale Fighting Club.

Early in his career, Baghdasaryan demonstrated his skills by securing victories in notable events. He faced Jermaine Soto at a GLORY event on September 28, 2013, earning a unanimous decision win. Additionally, he showcased his abilities during the WCK vs. Wulinfeng event in 2013, triumphing over Xie Chuang by unanimous decision, albeit with a slight injury to his left thumb.

Continuing his winning streak, Baghdasaryan faced John Vargas at WCK Muay Thai: Matter of Pride on February 15, 2014, securing a third-round TKO. He later competed in the WCK Muay Thai event against Chen Wei Chao in 2014, emerging victorious with a unanimous decision.

Fighting for the Title

Baghdasaryan's impressive kickboxing skills earned him an opportunity to fight for the Wu Lin Feng International title, which was held by Qiu Jianliang at the time. Baghdasaryan showcased his dominance and secured a majority decision win, extending his undefeated streak.

Transitioning into the world of boxing in 2015, Baghdasaryan displayed his versatility by competing in multiple disciplines. In his boxing debut, he faced Mario Angeles, overwhelming his opponent with his southpaw stance and ultimately securing a third-round victory via referee stoppage due to a body shot.

In subsequent boxing matches, Baghdasaryan faced Abraham Calderon Ruiz and Diego Padilla, winning both contests via unanimous and majority decisions, respectively.

Return to MMA and UFC contract

Returning to MMA in 2019, Baghdasaryan embarked on a four-fight knockout winning streak, with all four victories coming in astonishingly quick fashion. His lightning-fast finishes showcased his explosive power and left a lasting impression on the MMA community.

In his pursuit of a UFC contract, Baghdasaryan participated in Dana White's Contender Series 31, where he faced Dennis Buzukja. Despite earning a unanimous decision victory, Baghdasaryan narrowly missed out on a contract offer.

However, in March 2021, Baghdasaryan finally realized his dream as he signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He made his promotional debut against Collin Anglin at UFC on ESPN 28 on July 31, 2021. Baghdasaryan showcased his striking prowess, securing a thrilling knockout victory in the second round. This exceptional performance earned him the coveted Performance of the Night award.

Baghdasaryan's career in the UFC continued with a scheduled bout against T.J. Laramie at UFC 268. Unfortunately, Laramie withdrew from the fight due to health reasons, and Bruno Souza stepped in as a replacement. Baghdasaryan emerged victorious, earning a unanimous decision win despite Souza missing weight.

Throughout his UFC career, Baghdasaryan has faced challenges, including injuries and opponent withdrawals. Despite these setbacks, he remains determined to showcase his skills and make his mark in the featherweight division.

While scheduled to face Joanderson Brito at UFC Fight Night 212 in October 2022, Baghdasaryan was forced to withdraw due to a broken hand. His commitment to recovery and training is a testament to his dedication and determination to succeed at the highest level.

Most recently, Baghdasaryan faced Joshua Culibao at UFC 284 on February 12, 2023. Despite putting up a valiant effort, he succumbed to a rear-naked choke submission in the second round.

Baghdasaryan's journey in the UFC is far from over. With his explosive striking, versatile skills, and unwavering determination, he continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the featherweight division. As he works towards his next bout, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Melsik "Qazaq" Baghdasaryan's remarkable combat sports career.


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