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Was not surprised when Alexa Grasso beat Valentina Shevchenko, says Maycee

LockerRoom Team
08 April 2023

Maycee Barber feels that the holes in the game of Valentina Shevchenko was exposed by Alexa Grasso.

Maycee was talking to James Lynch in a recent interview and noted that she was not surprised by the fact that Grasso won the fight.

“I wasn't gonna be surprised if Alexa had won that fight. She is a great fighter I think she's probably one of the most, I would say underrated but like one of the most overlooked. She puts her head down, she works hard and she's got a lot of talent and abilities. I did go in there thinking you know if one person or two people were to beat Valentina I've said it multiple times um it was Taila Santos and it was Alexa Grosso. I also think that Valentina had started to have some holes exposed in her game and I think that Alexa obviously she was able to capitalize on it,” Grasso said.

Maycee Barber has already shared the UFC Octagon with Alexa Grasso. She suffered a decision loss against the current Flyweight champion and is eager for a rematch.

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Maycee also gave her opinion about an immediate rematch between the two fighters.

“I think it can go either way you know. I think we will see a rematch for sure obviously because anytime that champ loses their belt they're gonna give a rematch. I think that's the fight that's gonna happen first. For me, I said it multiple times that I would love to fight Alexa whether she has the belt or not. It's not necessarily oh I want a title shot right now it's my goal is to have that fight back someday whether

she has the belt or not and that's just because you know I want to get that win back because I feel like when I go back to fight her again, I will win that fight,” she added.

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