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Was winning every round, her fingernails were not checked: Shevchenko on Grasso

LockerRoom Team
07 April 2023

Valentina Shevchenko notes that she was winning all the rounds against Alexa Grasso. Shevchenko noted the same in her recent interview with James Lynch.

The former Flyweight queen noted that she was in control till the last moment which turned the fight upside down.

“I already watched the fight and it was the same feeling I had during the fight. It's kind of like winning all the fight from round one till like very last moment. I was there fourth round and an unfortunate situation would happen at the end of the first round so it changed everything.  It's kind of like a good Shake for me and definitely, I'm not the one the person who is gonna be like devastating for a long time,” Shevchenko noted.

Shevchenko added that she is ready to go back to her roots and that she is ready to work.

“I am ready to work everything back I already I'm ready to remember all my roots. All since day one, all since the beginning and definitely can't wait for the rematch what's gonna happen? Here I am to bring and to win what is mine and to show amazing fight as always,” she added.

Grasso had long fingernails

While continuing, Shevchenko noted that Grasso’s fingernails were not properly checked.

“It was a little a little bit blood in the first round but it's kind of like people thinking well maybe it's from her strikes or something like that. But it was not any cut it was a lack of someone could not check good enough the length of her fingernails,” Shevchenko said.

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Grasso submitted Shevchenko to win the UFC Women’s Flyweight title and marked an end to the long run of Shevchenko on top of the UFC Flyweight division.

The Mexican noted that she is open to a rematch with Shevchenko but the UFC is yet to make any official announcement regarding the future of Shevchenko and Grasso.

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What do you think should be next for these two? Let us know in the comments below.


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