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Sean Strickland blasts Mark Zuckerberg for Apology at Senate Hearing

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Calendar Icon04 February 2024

In the aftermath of Mark Zuckerberg's recent apology during a U.S. Senate hearing on online child safety, former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland weighed in on the situation. The Meta CEO addressed families who claimed their children suffered harm from social media platforms, particularly Instagram, which led to intense scrutiny from Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

During the Senate judiciary committee hearing on Capitol Hill, Zuckerberg faced condemnation for allegedly neglecting to protect young users from mental health issues and exposure to explicit content. Senator Hawley held Meta accountable for these concerns.

Known for his outspoken stance on socio-political matters, Strickland took to social media to share his thoughts on the Senate hearing. Rather than placing the blame solely on Zuckerberg, Strickland directed his criticism towards those in positions of power, holding them responsible for a range of issues. In a post on X, he wrote:

"Did you see the senate grill, Mark C**rberg? The nerve of these f**ks... 'You're bad for our kids cukerberg' 30-plus years of illegal wars, open borders, corruption, trillions in debt, and so much more. The nerve of these f**ks, when do they get a hearing?.... lmao"

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Strickland's commentary reflects a broader perspective on accountability within the realm of powerful figures and societal challenges, expanding the conversation beyond the specific issues raised in the Senate hearing.


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