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Writer, musician, and party expert: Meet MMA fighter Luka Podkrajsek

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Calendar Icon29 March 2023

When Luka Podkrajsek returns to face Pavel Dailidko in a Heavyweight contest on April 23 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, BRAVE CF 70 will feature one of the most interesting fight personalities in worldwide mixed martial arts.

Podkrajsek of Slovenia is not your normal Heavyweight. The WFC Heavyweight champion, an expressive and creative man with the energy of a Flyweight, is recognised for his contagious attitude, which often draws spectators to him.

He portrays himself as an experienced MMA fighter, personal trainer, producer, writer, musician, masseuse, adventurer, bus driver, demolition man, and party specialist, among other things. He has lived numerous lives within his own, and many of these so-called vocations have been professionally done by Luka.

His vivacity and vitality date back to his boyhood. Podkrajsek was born into an industrious family and never lacked desire or zest for life. He channelled his energy via handball and dancing before acting piqued his interest.

His school teachers, however, immediately dissuaded him, believing he was too enthusiastic and lacked the necessary refinement for the art. Podkrajsek's parents were working-class Slovenians who did their best to put food on the table.

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With his mother working at the post office and his father doing several jobs in and around the demolition and scrap metal industries, the young Slovenian was frequently left to his own ways and occasionally mixed with the wrong elements.

He began fighting on the streets of Martno pri Litiji, which provided him with the release he sought. His dancing aided his feet, allowing him to avoid punches and leg kicks 50 kilometres east of Ljubljana, the country's capital, where he will compete at BRAVE CF 70 next month.

After a few years of training and focusing solely on mixed martial arts, the then-27-year-old took his street fighting to the next level and went professional in 2017. He has since gone unbeaten, winning four fights in a row.

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Podkrajsek began his BRAVE CF career on a high note in 2020 as he defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina's Viktor Vasic at BRAVE CF 34/WFC 24 in January 2020, claiming the WFC Heavyweight title. Now, next month, at BRAVE CF 70, he'll try to make his imprint on the most-global MMA promotion's Heavyweight division when he squares up against Lithuania's Dailidko in a titanic bout inside the BRAVE CF arena.


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