LFC President welcomes BRAVE CF and IMMAF to Colombia

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07 August 2023

As we draw near the exciting two-week countdown to Latin America's grandest combat sports spectacle, LFC President Jaime Baron extends a warm welcome to BRAVE Combat Federation and the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation in Bogota, Colombia.

With Bogota poised to celebrate its 485th anniversary, the city is gearing up for a thrilling transformation of its sporting landscape through the revolutionary BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week.

During this momentous week, the Latin American combat sports scene will receive a monumental boost as amateur athletes hailing from North, Central, and South America converge under the esteemed IMMAF banner.

Their pursuits of honors and rankings will culminate with the exhilarating BRAVE CF 73 on August 12, a riveting professional showcase featuring the USA's Jose Torres and South Africa's Nkosi Ndebele in a Bantamweight title clash.

Under the guiding umbrella of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) in collaboration with BRAVE CF, the Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts (OCAMM), and the collaborative efforts of Latin Fighter Championship (LFC), the Pan-American Combat Week emerges as a platform that empowers both aspiring amateur and seasoned professional athletes. This event promises to be a life-changing experience and an avenue for showcasing their extraordinary talents.

BRAVE Combat Federation has nurtured a profound alliance with Colombia over the years, setting the stage as the sole global MMA promotion to hold remarkable events within the South American nation.

The legacy includes monumental shows like BRAVE CF 15 in Bucaramanga and BRAVE CF 26 in Bogota, where local talents blossomed into international sensations.

A significant force in the regional MMA landscape, the Latin Fighter Championship eagerly joins hands with global MMA leaders, and President Baron anticipates witnessing the prowess of his LFC-signed athletes on a prestigious international stage such as BRAVE CF's.

Earlier this year, the epicenter of attention shifted to European and Serbian MMA, marked by the inaugural BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week.

A resounding success, this event brought together over 550 athletes from 62 federations for the IMMAF World Championships and BRAVE CF 69 in Belgrade, Serbia. Notably, this extravaganza spurred economic growth and bolstered the tourism industry, garnering immense support from fervent fans. In a remarkable turn of events, the Serbian Minister of Sports officially embraced mixed martial arts as a sport and integrated MMA into Serbia's sports development initiative.

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Now, with unwavering dedication, BRAVE CF sets its sights on etching another indelible mark, this time in Bogota, Colombia, during the eagerly awaited BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week.


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