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Lexy Chaplin: Who is the MMA Fighter? Everything you need to know

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Calendar Icon31 January 2024

Lexy Chaplin, a prominent Polish YouTuber, influencer, singer, songwriter, and freak fighter, was born on July 8, 1999, in Germany. With a Polish mother and an American father, Lexy's multicultural background adds a unique dimension to her identity. Raised alongside three siblings – younger sister Christina, and older brothers Erick and Anthony – Lexy's family eventually settled in Warsaw.

In 2017, Lexy embarked on her journey in the digital realm by publishing vlogs on her YouTube channel. Her engaging content quickly garnered attention, setting the stage for her ascent in the world of online influence.

Team X and Solo Ventures: Joining the online influencer group "Team X" in 2019, founded by YouTuber Stuart Burton, Lexy Chaplin collaborated on various projects. However, by May 2020, she announced her departure from the group and began crafting her own videos, showcasing her individuality on her YouTube channel.

Not limiting herself to the digital space, Lexy expanded her horizons. In September 2022, she collaborated with Ingrid to launch a cosmetics line, adding another facet to her diverse portfolio.

Freak Fighting Debut and Championship Triumph: Lexy Chaplin made waves in the unique realm of freak fighting, organized by the High League federation. On July 9, 2021, the High League announced a bout between Lexy and internet influencer Natalia Kaczmarczyk, known as "Natsu." The encounter unfolded on August 28, 2021, during the High League 1 gala, resulting in Lexy's unanimous defeat after three rounds.

Undeterred, Lexy returned to the High League stage for a showdown with influencer Agata Fąk on February 5, 2022, during the High League 2 gala. This time, Lexy emerged victorious, securing a technical knockout in the first round.

The story continued with a rematch against Natalia Kaczmarczyk on September 17, 2022, during the High League 4 event at Arena Gliwice. Lexy Chaplin showcased her resilience, triumphing after three rounds and claiming the organization's championship belt in the flyweight category.

Clout MMA and Future Endeavors: In June 2023, Lexy Chaplin took on a new role as an ambassador for the newly established Clout MMA federation alongside Sławomir Peszko.

Looking ahead to March 9, 2024, Lexy is set to headline the Clout MMA 4 gala at the Atlas Arena in Łódź. Her opponent, Marta Linkiewicz, brings extensive experience in the realm of freak fights, promising an intriguing clash between two accomplished fighters.

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Lexy Chaplin's journey from YouTube stardom to freak fighting glory underscores her versatility and determination to conquer diverse realms of entertainment. As she continues to evolve and embrace new challenges, Lexy remains a dynamic force in the ever-changing landscape of digital influence and combat sports.


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