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This is sick: Fans react to feet picture shared by Laura Sanko

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Calendar Icon12 March 2024

In a display of sheer resilience and determination, UFC commentator and announcer Laura Sanko made headlines during the UFC 299 weigh-ins, showcasing her confrontational approach to adversity. Sanko shocked viewers when she claimed to have dislocated her toe live on air during the event. However, rather than waiting for medical assistance, she took matters into her own hands and popped her toe back in place right on the spot.

While the moment may have initially gone unnoticed by many, it quickly garnered attention after Sanko took to her social media handle to address the situation. Posting a picture of her injured foot, which appeared swollen and mangled, Sanko left fans astounded by her grit and determination. The image depicted a grievous injury that could have halted a fight if she were a participant.

"If anyone who watched the UFC Weigh-In show yesterday was wondering if I ACTUALLY dislocated my toe and reset it live on TV only to finish the game and win…yes yes I did #ufc299," Sanko wrote in the caption of her post, sparking a wave of reactions from fans who were taken aback by the unexpected image.

Despite the injury, Sanko remained one of the key highlights at the UFC 299 press conference, showcasing her trademark wit and camaraderie with fellow commentators.

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Renowned as one of the promotion's heartthrobs, Sanko has swiftly risen to fame since joining the commentary team, earning admiration for her professionalism and unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.


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