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Khamzat Chimaev says that he can finish Alex Pereira within a minute

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Calendar Icon28 March 2023

Khamzat Chimaev feels that he can beat Alex Pereira within a minute.

The Brazilian is currently reigning in the UFC Middleweight title after securing a win over long-time champion Israel Adesanya. Pereira is now scheduled for a rematch with Adesanya and Khamzat feels that he can take out the champion without a minute.

He spoke about his desire for the Middleweight title and that he already had discussions with the UFC.

“I told them for the [middleweight] belt, so then UFC said — I only spoke with Sean Shelby about that fight. Sean Shelby first says, ‘Yes, brother, let’s try it.’ Then he went back the day after and said, ‘No, brother, we’ll fight Colby first and then we’ll see.’ I said, ‘OK.’ After that, we didn’t speak about that fight with anybody,” Chimaev said (h/t MMA Fighting).

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He went on to add that he was ready to fight in Brazil as well. Khamzat also said that he can finish Pereira within the first-minute if they were to fight.

“Then [Pereira] said I should fight at 205 or something. The UFC doesn’t want to see you [Pereira] fight [having just won the middleweight belt] only now and you go up and fight in a different weight class and no belt. And I’m from 170 and he’s from 185 and we fight at 205? It makes sense? That’s why maybe the UFC didn’t call me about that fight. I don’t know why they didn’t call. I was ready to fight in Brazil. It doesn’t matter a different weight class, which weight class he wanted, he’s the easiest fight for me in the UFC. In my career [Easiest fight] First round, first minute. Easy. No punch, nothing,” he added.

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