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We need population: Khabib reveals why he needs his wife if stuck in an Island

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Calendar Icon22 March 2024

In a thought-provoking moment of introspection during a fan interaction, Khabib Nurmagomedov, the retired UFC champion, offered profound insights into the complexities of human existence, the significance of companionship, and the guiding principles of his faith.

The question posed to Khabib was deceptively simple: if stranded alone on an island, which teammate and book would he choose to accompany him? However, Khabib's response transcended the surface level, delving into the depths of his philosophical musings and spiritual beliefs.

Khabib began his response by reflecting on the creation story of Adam in Islamic tradition, pondering the wisdom behind Allah's decision to grant Adam a wife rather than other familial relations. He contemplated the profound role of companionship in human life, drawing parallels between Adam's situation and his hypothetical scenario on the island.

For Khabib, the presence of a teammate brother seemed superfluous in isolation, as his thoughts turned towards the importance of population growth and the continuation of the human race. This line of thinking highlighted his deep understanding of societal dynamics and the fundamental human need for connection and procreation.

“Recently, I was thinking a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about why Allah, when Allah create Adam, he don’t give Adam, mother, sister or daughter, he gave him wife. It’s very big hikmah (wisdom) why he give wife, why no mother, daughter, father. When I am alone in island why I need teammate brother. We need population. And book, there is only one book, the Quaran” Khabib said in the video.

Furthermore, Khabib's choice of book underscored his unwavering devotion to his faith. By selecting the Quran as the sole book he would bring to the island, Khabib emphasized the centrality of Islamic teachings in his life and the source of guidance and solace in times of solitude.

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In essence, Khabib's response encapsulated a blend of spiritual reflection, philosophical inquiry, and personal conviction. Through his words, he offered a glimpse into the depths of his soul, revealing a man deeply rooted in faith, wisdom, and an unwavering belief in the divine purpose behind human relationships.


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