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Your Islamic values allow this? Fans question Khabib for his latest post

LockerRoom Team
03 March 2023

Khabib Nurmagomedov might no longer be fighting inside the octagon but he has a long list of business ventures outside the cage. One among that has been the pushing of his NFTs through his Twitter.

Khabib’s fans are apparently not happy with what the former UFC champion is doing and he is now getting some interesting responses.

“Don't fool people. Your Islamic values allow this?,” One user wrote under Khabib’s post.

Another user mocked the pitch and noted that he is going to sell everything to buy the Khabib NFT.

“Yes! I sold my house and car to buy them all and now have nothing but the Khabib NFT’s will bring me financial freedom!,” The Tweet read.

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You can see some similar responses below.

“Bro...why you do this? You could've legit asked money and people would've given just like that”

“Imagine being so scared of the  rematch you resort to crypto scams”

“I'm coming as quick as I can. My financial advisor told me don't do it, but i've decided to put my entire kid's college fund into this project. Thanks Khabib!”

“One thing I learned in crypto is that if a celebrity is doing their "own" NFTs or any crypto project, then it's definitely a no-no. Just stay away.”

“@MightyMouse would never spend time scamming nerds and that’s why he’s the real goat”

“Hey Khabib, while NFTs can be tempting, they're unstable and may not align with halal values. Consider other investment options instead.”

“Khabib do you wanna go out and take a whiskey with me and my mate conor mcgregor drink some proper twelve”

What do you think of the responses that are flowing in against Khabib? Let us know in the comments below.


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