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YouTuber blasts Khabib Nurmagomedov for scamming fans

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Calendar Icon28 February 2023

Former UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has ventured into a long list of projects and one among his ventures has been related to Crypto.

The former champion wrote on Twitter recently about the GMT Project.

“Do you want to enter a closed community and get the chance to meet with me? The new crypto product that I am creating in collaboration with the GMT project will be your pass,” the Russian wrote.

He followed up this with another tweet last day where he noted that the NFT that people buy will act as a pass to Khabib’s private club.

“As you know, I have been a GMT project ambassador since 2021. We have been developing a joint product for a long time and have finally completed it. You will soon be able to buy NFT, which will become a pass to my private club and will mine BTC for you,” he added.

Both tweets have garnered some heat from the fans. The first tweet was met with some criticism as some fans claimed that Crypto was Haram.

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In response to the latest tweet, YouTuber Coffeezilla accused Khabib of scamming his fans. He noted in his reply to Khabib that if Khabib wanted money so badly, he should step back into the cage rather than scamming his fans.

“If you need money this bad, why not step back in the ring instead of scamming your fans?,” he wrote in response to Khabib.

Interestingly, Coffeezilla has been featured across multiple news outlets for exposing Crypto scams and has more than 2.6 Million subscribers on YouTube. 

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