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Cain Velasquez has to go through the test God gave him, says Khabib

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Calendar Icon24 August 2022

Former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov feels that his teammate Cain Velasquez has to go through the test that God gave him. The Russian MMA star was asked about his teammate recently in an interview and Khabib

Khabib noted that Cain is in high spirits and that he talks with his family regularly.

“Just before the flight, I had a phone call with him for 5-7 minutes. If I’m not mistaken, they only get one phone call from jail per day. I know that he talks to his kids, to his family. I got 5-7 minutes or so to have a word with Cain. I was surprised that he manages to hold himself in high spirits. We talked and we even laughed a bit. We discussed some details of his case. Although I’m not going to reveal those, it is what it is, God chose to test him this way, in this particular place at that particular moment and he has to go through this,” Khabib noted in the interview which can be seen above.

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Cain is currently in prison for charges of attempted murder. The former UFC fighter was arrested back in February after reportedly leading Harry Goularte, a man accused of molesting a close relative of Velasquez, on a high-speed chase and firing multiple revolver rounds into his car. Two shots from a gun were fired at Goularte's father-in-law during the alleged altercation.

He was denied bail multiple times and the entire MMA community came out in support of Cain. Khabib had earlier raised his frustration in the system and noted that Cain does not deserve to be in jail when the offender is roaming outside.

“You have to protect your family. If animals protect their family, of course humans are gonna protect their family. You talk about law, code, they hold him in jail, I don’t understand these things. It always has to be fair. This is not fair. They sit in jail and [Goularte] he’s outside,” Khabib said.

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