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FIGHT VIDEO: Kerala Girls going at it during Youth Muay Thai Fight League

LockerRoom Team
27 February 2023

Kerala girls put on an impressive performance at the 2nd Youth Muay Thai Fight League event and upheld the message of women empowerment.

The Second Youth Muay Thai Fight League event happened in Kochi on 13 November 2022 and featured fighters from all across Kerala. The event, which was hosted by the CSA Martial Arts Academy headed by Sajar Salim, was held at the Cochin Sports Arena in Kochi.

The two-day event saw the first-ever Inter-School Muay Thai Championship and the second Youth Muay Thai Fight League happening together.

While there was a long list of exciting fights on the card, the fights featuring the girls from Kerala proved to be the show stealer.

The first Girls' fight on the card saw Noura Nazar of GFC Thrissur going up against Anagha P of Kajukado in Calicut. Noura, who came in with plenty of experience on her resume, managed to outclass Anagha in the fight even though Anagha put on a good performance.

You can see the fight video between Noura Nazar and Anagha P below.

Noura Nazar vs. Anagha P Full Fight Video

The second girls' fight on the card saw Kaju Kado’s Medhanjana K fighting Hanna Cleebi of GFC Thrissur. The power of Hanna proved to be too much for Medhanjana in the fight and the showdown eventually ended in a stoppage win in favor of Hanna Cleebi. You can see the complete fight video from the match below.

Hanna Cleebi vs. Medhanjana Full Fight Video

The event also had a long list of exciting fights on offer which you can see in the below playlist available on the Kerala Fight World YouTube Channel.

What are your thoughts on the performance of the fighters on the card? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section of the article below.


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