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Speed of Holly Holm will cause trouble to Kayla Harrison, says Cris Cyborg

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Calendar Icon03 April 2024

As the highly anticipated UFC 300 approaches, all eyes are on the debut of Kayla Harrison, set to clash with former champion Holly Holm in what promises to be a monumental bout. Adding to the intrigue, Cris Cyborg, who has a history with both fighters, shared her insights on the upcoming showdown.

Cyborg, who has previously fought Holm and is currently training alongside her, took to Twitter to offer her perspective on the matchup. She expressed her belief that Holm's exceptional hand and foot speed could prove to be the deciding factor in the bout, particularly at the new weight class. Highlighting Harrison's focus on muscle reduction during training, Cyborg questioned whether she adequately addressed the potential challenge posed by Holm's speed.

In a recent tweet, Cyborg explained why she thinks Holly will get the better of Harrison in Las Vegas. “I think Holly Holm’s hand speed and foot speed are going to be too much at the new weight. Kayla spent a lot of camp worried about taking muscle off when the problem is going to be speed. What did she do to increase her speed during camp?”

With UFC 300 shaping up to be one of the most stacked cards in history, this bout holds significant implications for both fighters. For Holm, it presents a crucial opportunity to stake her claim as a title contender, while Harrison's UFC debut is eagerly anticipated, raising questions about her capabilities in the octagon.

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While Cyborg has not faced Harrison in competition, the rivalry between the two adds an additional layer of intrigue to the matchup. With so much at stake, fans are anticipating a showdown filled with surprises, eager to witness how it will unfold on fight night.


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