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Nobody cares: Kayla Harrison Shows Frustration Towards Cris Cyborg

LockerRoom Team
09 March 2024

The tension between Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg seems to have reached its peak, evident from Harrison's exasperated body language when discussing her rival during a recent UFC 300 Q&A session.

For nearly two years, Harrison and Cyborg engaged in a war of words, teasing a potential superfight while competing in PFL and Bellator, respectively. When PFL acquired Bellator last year, the stage seemed set for their long-awaited showdown. However, plans took a sharp turn when Harrison signed with the UFC.

Now, Harrison is gearing up for her UFC debut as a bantamweight, slated to face former champion Holly Holm on April 13 at UFC 300 in Las Vegas. Yet, just weeks before the highly anticipated event, a surprising figure emerged in Holm's training camp: none other than Cyborg herself, who defeated Holm in a UFC featherweight title bout in December 2017.

When questioned about Cyborg's involvement in Holm's preparations, Harrison couldn't hide her irritation. "Who?" she scoffed. "God, she just loves to stir the f*cking pot, doesn’t she? Go home already. Nobody cares."

With Cyborg seemingly in the past, Harrison, a two-time PFL lightweight champion and Olympic gold medalist in judo, eagerly anticipates the beginning of her UFC journey. She expresses particular excitement about facing a "legend" like Holm.

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"I don’t use the word ‘legend’ lightly, but I think Holly is very much a legend in the sport," Harrison remarked. "(She’s) been in the top 10 for years now, been a former champ. I didn’t come over here to see how I can do and fight amongst everyone. I’m here to come over and win a UFC title and finish my career on top, so Holly’s a good start to that."


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