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Jose Torres Determined to Reclaim BRAVE CF Bantamweight Crown in 2024

LockerRoom Team
31 January 2024

In a quest to regain the BRAVE Combat Federation Bantamweight world title, Jose ‘’Shorty’’ Torres has set his sights on an intense showdown with current titleholder and arch-rival Nkosi Ndebele in 2024. Unyielding in his pursuit, Torres is ready to go to any lengths to secure the elusive third match against his adversary.

The duo commenced 2023 on amicable terms, culminating in a clash for the vacant belt at BRAVE CF 73 in Bogota, Colombia, on August 12. Following a grueling five rounds, Torres emerged victorious, clinching the title via split decision. However, the decision faced scrutiny from fans, prompting calls for an immediate rematch from the BRAVE CF community.

Torres and Ndebele squared off again in the highly anticipated BRAVE CF 80, where Nkosi displayed a stellar performance, dismantling ‘’Shorty’’ and inflicting multiple cuts. The champion ultimately conceded the bout in the third round, paving the way for Nkosi to become the first-ever South African MMA world champion.

Expressing his eagerness for a historic trilogy, Torres argued that it was only fair since he granted Ndebele an immediate rematch. Despite initially considering the idea, Ndebele seems to have shifted his focus to defending his title against sambo world champion Velimurad Alkhasov, who recently announced his move to the 135-pound division.

This change in direction did not sit well with Torres, who accused Nkosi of avoiding the rematch. During a Q & A session on his social media profile, Torres asserted, "All I know is Nkosi’s already tried to duck me. I gave you the rematch when I shouldn't have. And then he beats me, he’s like 'yeah, I don’t want a rematch, I’m good.' You can't just win and walk away like that. I’m going for that trilogy fight next. And no matter where it's at, I’m going for him."

As of now, BRAVE CF is yet to announce the next steps for the Bantamweight division, which has gained further intrigue with the addition of Alkhasov and the signing of Tajik superstar Khurshed Nazarov. The fans eagerly await the promotion's decision as the rivalry between Torres and Ndebele continues to captivate the MMA world.


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