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Jose Torres Eyes Redemption and Historic Trilogy After BRAVE CF Title Loss

LockerRoom Team
31 December 2023

In the aftermath of his loss at BRAVE CF 80, Jose 'Shorty' Torres is wasting no time in expressing his eagerness for an immediate rematch with the new Bantamweight champion, Nkosi Ndebele. Despite acknowledging Ndebele's strategic adjustments and praising his use of elbows that disrupted Torres' path to victory, 'Shorty' is determined to secure a chance at redemption and potentially make history with the first trilogy in BRAVE CF.

Following the fight, Torres openly discussed his desire for a rematch to reclaim the Bantamweight belt now held by Ndebele. Despite the setback, Torres commended the new champion's game plan and the impact of elbow strikes in the earlier rounds.

Reflecting on the match, 'Shorty' expressed his quest for a third encounter, emphasizing the significance of creating the first trilogy in BRAVE CF history. He voiced his hope to face Ndebele again before any other contender, underscoring his determination to reverse the outcome.

Ndebele's decision to relocate his training camp to Bali for the rematch proved to be a strategic move, evident in the match's outcome. Torres acknowledged the difference in Ndebele's approach, particularly in focusing on Muay Thai and clinch work, which played a pivotal role in the fight.

"I knew that, by going to Bali, he was going to train more Muay Thai and work more on the clinches compared to last time. Immediately, when he started with the elbows, I thought 'Ah, that’s that Bali training for you.' I’m glad he got better because it brought out a different side of me. He’s very slippery, long, and it’s hard to go for those takedowns," commented 'Shorty.'

The future remains uncertain as to whether Torres will secure the coveted trilogy or if the Bantamweight division will move forward with contenders like Hamza Kooheji and Dean Garnett awaiting their shot at a future world title.


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