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BRAVE CF President Backs Jose Torres Amid Controversy After Title Fight

LockerRoom Team
31 August 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation's President, Mohammed "The Hawk" Shahid, has rallied in defense of Jose "Shorty" Torres following the contentious Bantamweight title bout at BRAVE CF 73 in Bogota, Colombia, over the weekend. In a clash that ignited debates across the global MMA community, USA's Torres emerged victorious via split decision against South Africa's Ndebele, clinching the coveted 135-pound championship.

“After watching the fight live, I believed that Nkosi won that fight. But after seeing it for the second time, that first round made me change my mind." “What got “Shorty” the win was his fighting IQ and experience,” says President Shahid. “That first round played a significant role because it made things so much clearer in the second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds. The second round was an equally significant moment as it was where 'Shorty' knew what was coming to him,” said President Shahid.

The titanic collision unfolded as the centrepiece of the Pan-American Combat Week, featuring a dramatic face-off between two global luminaries, who engaged in a fierce exchange lasting 25 minutes. While the outcome sparked fervent discussions, President Shahid firmly asserted that Torres adeptly executed a flawless game plan, securing the victory through calculated strategies.

The first round witnessed Ndebele gaining dominance through an arsenal of teep kicks, midsection knees, and inside leg strikes, effectively neutralizing Torres' high-caliber wrestling prowess. Displaying a seamless command of striking techniques, the South African exhibited comfort and finesse, even slicing his American adversary open at a juncture.

Torres tenaciously persisted in narrowing the distance, orchestrating several hip toss maneuvers among his varied tactics. Despite hitting the mat, Ndebele adroitly escaped these endeavors, capitalizing on his height and reach advantages. Yet, Torres' seasoned experience and skill level enabled him to forge inroads, employing strategic angles and well-timed leg kicks to dismantle Ndebele's offensive efforts.

In the third round, Torres replicated his previous success with a substantial hip toss, subsequently initiating a guillotine choke that proved ineffective. Responding dynamically, Ndebele countered with a level change attempt, maneuvering to secure Torres' back.

Not to be outdone, Torres executed another graceful hip toss, transitioning from a Kimura to an armbar with fluidity. The fourth round continued with Torres methodically targeting Ndebele's lead leg while deftly transitioning into a series of clinches, culminating in yet another stunning Judo hip toss.

As the final moments unfolded, Ndebele initiated a takedown maneuver, prompting Torres to deftly employ his Jiu-Jitsu skills in a spirited pursuit of an armbar submission, moments prior to the conclusive buzzer. Although Ndebele notably excelled in stand-up exchanges, showcased evasive techniques, and masterfully escaped multiple submission endeavours, it was Torres' meticulous command of strategic angles, adept execution of high-level Judo hip tosses, and an overall heightened work rate in clinches and ground encounters that swayed the judges' verdict.

The result was a split-decision triumph, with Torres securing the victory via scores of 49-45, 48-47, and 49-47, triumphing in a spirited duel that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

“Torres displayed his experience and fighting IQ from the second round until the end of the fight," said President Shahid. "From the end of the first five minutes, Torres knew what the next four rounds would look like and made the necessary changes," concluded President Shahid.


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