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Jose Torres reveals shocking injury that almost ruined BRAVE CF 73 main event

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Calendar Icon31 August 2023

During BRAVE CF 73 in Bogota, Jose Torres showcased his determination by securing a hard-earned decision victory over Nkosi Ndebele. This triumph has granted him the esteemed position of the new bantamweight champion within BRAVE Combat Federation, and he approaches this role with utmost seriousness. Nevertheless, the possibility of this significant match almost unravelled due to an unfortunate incident.

In a recent Instagram post, Torres candidly disclosed that a training-related injury nearly dashed his aspirations of competing for the title on August 12.

"Fun fact, three weeks before my fight I had to stop training and adapt because I took a beautiful knee to the eye and had to get stitches for my deep cut. This almost cancelled and pushed back the fight once again, but I didn't want that to happen. I did everything I could to stay healthy and push on to eventually become the new BRAVE CF bantamweight champion!"

For Jose Torres, this incident is a lighthearted note, yet it serves as a testament to his warrior spirit for the rest of the world. It's widely acknowledged that Torres has had to overcome numerous challenges to reach his pinnacle. Thus, it's hardly surprising to learn that he prevailed over genuine adversity during his training camp.

Nkosi Ndebele dedicated his all in the past weekend's contest, but when pitted against someone willing to do whatever it takes to secure victory, the task becomes formidable. In the heart of the Colombian capital, the 31-year-old unequivocally showcased that he stands as the definitive force to reckon with in the 135-pound division.


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