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BRAVE CF 70: Jose Torres plans to finish Nkosi Ndebele in co-main event

LockerRoom Team
31 March 2023

Jose Torres of BRAVE Combat Federation is known as the gentleman of the BRAVE CF team, despite being one of the most feared fighters in global MMA.

As he prepares to battle South Africa's Nkosi "The Future" Ndebele on April 23 at BRAVE CF 70, "Shorty" is determined to make a statement and send a message to the whole 135-pound division.

Torres has battled at the top levels, and while he has often been subjected to some of the worst pre-fight trash-talk, he prefers to reserve the controlled pandemonium for the cage.

It doesn't mean he can't express himself, and Jose is certain that he has what it takes to beat Ndebele and earn a shot at the world crown. The KHK Team Bahrain representative, who is training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas to preparation for Ndebele, projected a win over his South African counterpart in a detailed discussion of the match-up.

“Nkosi is a good fighter. He is taller and longer than me. He likes to fight at a distance. He seems very, very strong, and it is evident through his takedown defense. He can be very aggressive while walking forward. My game plan is pretty simple. I have to put him on his heels and ensure his back is always towards the fence. Even though I feel that I can stand and bang with him, I need to be cautious of his ability to throw long, powerful shots from a distance. I believe Nkosi is going to move around a lot. He won’t have a choice but to circle. If he does not circle, it will allow me to close the distance much easier before I either use my body locks to tie him down or possibly counter-strike, which can also lead to a level-change takedown,” he said.

Speaking further, he talked about why he needs to keep himself accountable till the fight goes to the ground.

“I have to keep myself accountable until I get him to the ground. He does not like to stay on the canvas, and Nkosi will fight hard to get back up. Can I keep him down? Will he leave himself open to submissions or even ground and pound? If he does get back up, how many times will he be able to do that before he can’t anymore? Nkosi is going to tire, and I will take advantage of that. I can't predict the result, but I will finish Nkosi Ndebele,” said Torres.

Ndebele has also been in spectacular form, riding a five-fight win run in 2019, with his most recent victory coming at BRAVE CF 66 against Indonesia's Fajar "Macho Kamacho." Torres, on the other hand, believes there is a question to be asked about his opponent's previous level of competitiveness.

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“Nkosi has looked great against other good fighters, but, I think when you take the next step up in competition against someone like myself, it’s a make-or-break moment for him. Is he going to shine? Will he show me that he is a great fighter, not just a good one? Maybe I put him in his place and go ‘Hey’re good, and you might be great one day, but you will always be behind me as long as I am around.’”

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The promotion will return to Slovenia for the second time in three years for BRAVE CF 70, which will be co-promoted once again with major regional MMA promotion WFC. In the main event, Bosnian superstar Erko Jun will face Slovenian icon Marko Drmonjic in a Light Heavyweight bout.


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