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BRAVE CF 65: Jose Torres feels that he is better than Al-Derbani

LockerRoom Team
27 October 2022

Izzedine Al-Derbani is "going down" in their BRAVE CF 65 co-main event fight this week, Jose "Shorty" Torres has guaranteed BRAVE NATION. Shorty has responded to the Jordanian MMA fighter's flagrant contempt for the American's skill by questioning his strength and calling him "easy work," and has issued a subtly potent warning to the BRAVE CF newcomer.

“Honestly, I am not worried about this fight. Don’t get me wrong, Izzedine is a tough fight. He is a game fighter, a Samurai ready to go against anyone. But now, he is going down. I know that I am better than him,” says Shorty ahead of their Bantamweight duel.

The past three years have been difficult for "Shorty," a BRAVE CF star. He had learned of his father's passing on the night before his BRAVE CF Flyweight title battle, causing him to withdraw from the contest. When Covid-19 withdrew from the BRAVE CF Flyweight tournament's semi-final owing to his failure to hit 125 pounds, his title dreams were further delayed. Subsequently, weight-cutting problems made it more difficult for him to win a BRAVE CF belt.

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Shorty, who is currently undefeated in BRAVE CF, rejoins the fastest-rising mixed martial arts organisation in an effort to establish a path to a championship in the bigger 135-pound division. Additionally, he is eager to identify himself to the BRAVE CF newcomer.

Al-Derbani, an Arab MMA star who has won five straight matches, is a risky customer who enters BRAVE CF with a lot of confidence given that his most recent defeat occurred more than three years ago. He is a natural 178 cm tall Featherweight who has also competed at Lightweight, which increases his threat in the Bantamweight division.

“Izzedine is a little wild, but he can do some work. He has fought against some of the best and his record of 13-2 says it all, he has even knocked out our main event (Hamza Kooheji). But  I know that I am better than him,” Shorty reiterated.

The Palestinian Samurai, Al-Derbani, was also the previous Desert Force Featherweight champion after he defeated Hamza Kooheji, who is currently a star for BRAVE CF, in 2016. Al-Derbani said that he is already considering a rematch with Bahraini star Kooheji during today's BRAVE CF 65 Media Day.

“Yeah, I see he is already talking crap about that win over Kooheji, good for him, but he needs to remember that the fight against Hamza happened years ago in 2016, he needs to focus on me instead. If he can get through me, then good for him, but for now, he should focus on me, because this is what he has to deal with right now,” added Torres who is relishing the idea of facing a much bigger opponent.

“Izzedine is a tall and long opponent, he has fought at Lightweight and Featherweight before which is awesome because I have a Napoleon complex,” says the much shorter 162cm ‘Shorty’ who will be punching above his usual weight class.

“I like to take out big things, so for him coming down, and being much taller than me, that gives me that Napoleon complex I strive for … I want to take down the big guys, I want to prove that this little guy can put on a presence,” added Shorty.

This Friday, October 28th, at the Khalifa Sports City Arena, the epic nine-day Kombat Kingdom festival will come to a close with the headliner bout of BRAVE CF 65 between Bahrain's Kooheji and Colombia's Eduardo Mora. Visit for more details on BRAVE CF's Kombat Kingdom series.


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